New istock discounts for 2016

Hi everyone, its been a long time but today we are back with the latest discounts from istock. Before we even move on, here are the latest codes for you guys:

SAVE17 – 17% off credit packs

With this code – SAVE17 – you can get a sizable 17% off your istock purchases when you buy credit packs (Basically bulk packs of credits that you can use to purchase any kind of content from

BJBPC46N – Save 15% off monthly istockphoto subscriptions

With the coupon BJBPC46N you can get a discount off of the monthly subscription to istockphoto. This coupon gives you 15% off which is also a recurring discount so that is pretty cool as well.

NEWISTOCK10 – Save 10% off istock credits – for new customers only

This coupon is specifically for new customers to istock. NEWISTOCK10 will give any new customers a reasonable 10% off. This may seem lower than the other coupons but the good thing about this one is that there is no minimum – you dont need to purchase a credit pack or a subscription. In fact you can redeem this coupon code against anything from as little as 1 credit purchase.

How can I redeem these coupons?

Redemption of these coupons is really easy – all you need to do is visit the website –, log in to your account (Or if you are not already a member then click on join).


If you are joining for the first time then you need to enter a few details such as your email address, country of residence and your desired password after which you will also need to activate your account via a link in the welcome email that they will send you.

When you are logged in you can use the search bar to find the images that you desire – dont worry if you havnt got any credits yet, we’ll take care of that bit once you have found the images that you want to purchase.


Click on the image that you want to purchase and you will be takens to the details page for that image. At this stage you can select to download the image.

After clicking on download you will be taken to a page where you can select the type of purchase you want to make – this is where you can choose between buying istock credits or purchasing an istock subscription – which one you choose depends on two things – firstly what coupon you are going to use (Because you need to make sure the coupon works with that type of purchase) and secondly what your use case is – see below for more information on the differences between credits and a subscription and why you would use each one.


NOTE: Ignore the reference to sterling, if you are in the US then you will see the prices listed in dollars and if you are in any other country you will see the prices listed in your local currency. Regardless of your location the coupon codes should work the same.

For now lets assume you are going to use credits – if you hover over one of the credit options, for example the 3 credits, then you will see a button slide out from the right that says “Buy now”. Click on that button.

Once you have clicked on the buy now button you will be taken to the purchase details page – this is where you fill in your billing information such as your billing address and also your form of payment – for example you can use paypal or you can use a debit card.


On this same screen you will also see some text that reads “Have a promo code?” and this is what you need to click on in order to enter your discount code.

Once you enter the code you should see that the price is reduced accordingly.

If the price is not reduced then double check that you meet all of the requirements – for example if you are using a subscription discount code then you should make sure you are purchasing a subscription and if you are using a code that requires a minimum credit pack purchase then again make sure you have actually added the correct size of credit pack to your shopping basket.

The difference between credits and subscriptions

This is really important as there are some serious differences that you need to know about. The two main options when purchasing licences media from istock are the credits and the subscription service.

With istock credits you can purchase media that you will then have a permanent right to use. What this means is that you can use that image, within the terms of the licence, for as long as you want – your licence will never expire. This is the main reason why credits are a lot more expensive than the equivalent subscription because you are paying for that lifetime use.

Subscriptions however are totally different. With a subscription you can download a set number of images per month (depending on your plan) and you can use those images only whilst your subscription is active. This means that if you ever cancel or terminate your subscription all of the images that you have downloaded as part of that subscription become unlicensed and you are no longer allowed to use them.

When you understand this is makes credit purchases a lot more economical than subscription services. The only time we would recommend the subscription service are in two scenarios:

1.You are a long term subscriber – if you are a design agency or similar company who are always going to need images for as long as you are in business then a subscription service makes perfect sense.

2.Temporary projects – if you are working on a project that has a finite lifetime – for example a one-off event where you need promotional images but are not going to use the images after the end date of the event. In this case a subscription also makes sense because you get better value for money whilst you need the images and then when you terminate your subscription you no longer need access to those images anyway.

In most other scenarios it is much better to purchase credits because then you have a lifetime licence for the images that you download using those credits.

More coming soon!